Find out all about creating your own clinic

Have you graduated in medicine, worked in a clinic or in a hospital for a long time, you cannot make any decisions within the hospital and you want to set up freelance by creating your own clinic? This article lists some of the steps you need to take to set up a clinic.


A clinic is an establishment or a section of a private or public hospital. The clinic can be a commercial company (for profit) or an association (not for profit). Most of the time, the clinics meet the needs of the population and offer multidisciplinary close-knit care. The clinics carry out several activities such as medicine, surgery, maternity, oncology, palliative care, emergencies and dialysis. They also carry out short-stay activities such as rehabilitation, rehabilitation, follow-up care and others. The clinics also provide heavy-duty activities such as resuscitation, neonatology, cardiac surgery as well as specialized activities such as gerontology, therapeutic education.

The steps to follow to create a clinic.

You should first understand that to start building your business you will need to invest a lot of money. It is then necessary to study and budget your project. You should carry out a feasibility study for your project. This is the first step. Then determine the location of your future clinic. If you want to set up in a place where there are already clinics or hospitals, you will have to do an analysis of the living environment of the inhabitants of the area. Once the location has been determined, you will budget for the costs of setting up the clinic. You have to decide depending on your financial capacity, whether you want a large and brand new building or simple living quarters to suit your project. When these steps are completed, it is necessary to invest in the acquisition of hospital equipment. Equip yourself with all the necessary materials before your clinic opens. Finally, you will then carry out the necessary administrative procedures.

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