What can you expect from partnering?

In GLOBAL CARE initiative we are convinced that successful partnerships drive competitiveness and growth.
We believe that to foster industrial innovation brings mutual benefits to the socio-economic world and to patient health.

For that mean we make every effort to contribute to success by:

  • constantly improving our professionalism in partnership with socio-economic players (awareness-raising about intellectual property, better project management structuring, internal organisation, etc.)
  • giving special attention to industrial standards
  • offering time to carefully listen to industrial demands
  • using our internal experts to bring more assets on the table
  • mobilising multi-disciplinary expertise in response to enterprise needs

SMEs, intermediate-sized enterprises and large corporations can:

  • Get licences from our patents and obtain exploitation rights
  • Get expertises, assets & products for research
  • Access to our platform, staff and facilities for a proof of concept or a validation
  • Co-develop efficient strategies in research to bring to the market innovations against diseases for patient benefit & public health

Making research in France and Europe allows private company to benefit:

  • from research tax credit rates
  • from French research excellence
  • from French and European standards
  • from Temporary Authorisations for Use (ATU) in clinical trials without market authorization

Example in cancer: In vivo experiments and pre-clinical investigation

  • In vivo experiments, complementary to in vitro (laboratory) experiments, are often necessary to identify new cancer targets and design therapeutic methods.
  • The Laboratory of Preclinical Investigation has been created to assess the effectiveness of innovative cancer treatments and to select the best ones before they are used in clinical trials. As a complement to screening performed by the pharmaceutical industry, this research work optimizes the effects of potential drugs and predicts the effects of therapeutic combinations.

GLOBAL CARE is an outstanding consortium of 5 French expertises :