Clinical Research

Clinical trials evaluate the safety and efficacy of a drug. Regulatory authorities use data generated from these trials to access whether a drug can be approved and sold to the public.

Preclinical Research

Our current preclinical research activities are focused on:

  • Drug research: therapeutic drug trials
  • Physiopathological research
  • Genetic research and Identification of gene therapy candidates
  • Diagnostic research
  • Identification of vaccine candidates

Clinical Investigation Centers

In GLOBAL CARE Initiative, Clinical Research Departments have the expertise required to implement the complete clinical research cycle, from project initiation to publication and transfer to a potential market authorization holder.

We can thus provide a full translational pipeline from basic research to phase III clinical trials for central nervous system and eye disease as well as for lymphoma and most of the solid cancers.

Challenges are:

  • Adapting treatments to the characteristics of each disease and each patient
  • Identifying new pharmacological targets, and developing and evaluating drug targets
  • Understand the pharmacodynamics of some treatments


Protocols require prior approval from the legal and the ethic authorities (appropriate ethical committee and ANSM), and from the Institute Advisory Board for Clinical Research. Innovative therapeutic research programs must be driven primarily to meet the patient interests.

Partner access

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