Analysers and cell sorters

Our flow cytometry platforms, some of which are labeled « IBISA Platform » are equipped with analysers and cell sorters. These facilities together with the expertises developped within the platforms allow to adress extremely various analytical approaches, such as :

  • Analysis of complex or rare cell sub-populations
  • Cell sorting for cultivation or subsequent analyses
  • Detection of apoptosis, alone or simultaneously with the fall of the mitochondrial and cell mortality
  • Functional analysis of the overexpression or gene silencing
  • Cell cycles
  • Study of cell proliferation
  • Study of the immune function
  • Study of drug resistance
  • Study of calcium flux

The histology platform provides a self-service platform with standardized protocol and up-date equipment. The staff is able to trains the users to histological techniques and performs work for hire.

GLOBAL CARE is an outstanding consortium of 5 French expertises :