Genomic, functional genomic and metagenomic facilities

Equipment for genomics and cytogenetic analysis, such as CGH-arrays, SNP-arrays, high-density biochips, is used to investigate specific profiles, and to develop specific bioinformatics tools.

The Affymetrix Platform for Molecular Biology uses DNA chips to analyze the expression of genes in a given cell. These data, compared with the data of normal cells, allow for better classification and diagnosis, and for instance enable more precise prediction of response to treatment.

The high-throughput sequencing platform can sequence the equivalent of one human genome per week. Identification of simple variations in genetic sequence or more complex constitutive or tumor chromosomal aberrations, mapping of protein binding sites and modifications of chromatin, and identification of small regulatory RNAs, are among the primary applications of the platform, which is open to scientists from other research centers.

The genotyping & sequencing platform provides tools and services for genome analysis. More specifically, services include real-time PCR, sequencing, CGH-array experiments.

GLOBAL CARE is an outstanding consortium of 5 French expertises :