All you need to know about the treatment of prostate cancer

Even if it does not present very quickly and does not cause significant loss of human life like other cancers, prostate cancer is a real tumor that takes a lot of devastation. In this article, find out everything you need to effectively treat prostate cancer.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is a gland located between the rectum and the bladder. The role of this gland is to produce, store and distribute part of the seminal fluid. It is a tumor that progresses under the action of testosterone produced by the testes. It progresses through four stages which determine the degree of exposure of the cancer. At stage T1, the patient does not experience any symptoms of the disease. There are only a few cells that are cancerous. At stage T2, there is a hard mass. Cancer is palpable on digital rectal examination. The T3 and T4 stages are the advanced levels of cancer. The cancer begins to spread outside the prostate to adjacent seminal vesicles. And finally, invaded the neighboring organs of the prostate. Prostate cancer occurs in men over the age of fifty and its frequency increases with age.

What are the treatments for prostate cancer?

From the age of fifty, you should start very early by checking for structural abnormalities in your reproductive system with a digital rectal exam. Food hygiene must be respected. These include reducing the consumption of sugar, fatty foods, low in red meats, fat and cold meats. Sports exercises are also recommended. Walk as many times as you can and especially avoid a sedentary lifestyle. There are recommended medical treatments for prostate cancer. These are alpha blocker drugs. These medicines are used to relax the muscles of the urethra, bladder and prostate and make it easier for urine to pass through.